Sunday, November 28, 2010


只是多了一点心痛, 一点泪水。

Monday, October 11, 2010



Sunday, October 3, 2010


I'm unhappy.
People said put a smile on, fight the day, and you survive.
I said put a smile on, tears inside, sleep the night, wipe your tears, then smile again for another day.
Dreams are too far to reach. 
The more you expect, the more you lost.
I should be contented.
But, seriously I'm tired.
Convincing myself, eventually the pain will go away, the shock will wear off.
And then you start to heal yourself, to recover from something you never saw coming.
People change? You changed? Or they don't?
I cling to my own imagination, seeing things at the bright side, or at my own view.
I insisted in believing the pretty side, seeing the cup as half-filled and not half-emptied.
I am a girl in case you forget. 

Wednesday, August 4, 2010



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

210710 1941

I hardly say "NO" to you, but why you keep turning me down?
It's like falling into a deep valley.
Your "NOs" hurt me badly.
It's excruciating.


I think I have developed a weird, abnormal, unhealthy penchant for self-torturing.
I am kinda in a deep depression, I can't control my mood!!
And the worst part is I don't know what I'm unsatisfied of. I might know. Yea, I might.
But, it's not worthwhile scrambling my mind with this.
My mood is even worse than the weather. I am being extremely extremely exhausted.
Tired of this and that.
I feel like throwing tantrums, but I'm afraid that noone will buy that.
I am too nice to complain about all the imperfect in life.
I have all to cling on, that's enough I suppose.

*It's me being random, I don't know WTH is about, maybe just pms. Girls right?  =="*

There's a someday

There's always a SOMEDAY......

A someday that I wish I can have a lust bite of Secret Recipe's cheese cake, indulging myself in the sweetness of it, tempting every each of my tastebuds.

A someday that I wish I were having high tea with my best friends in Starbucks, sipping hot espresso, gossiping about the happenings in life.

A someday that I wish to have movies..lots of movies, whatever movies, romance, horror, animation, action, comedy...

A someday that I wish to lay restlessly on the couch and read my favourite novel of the time, no matter how many times I have read it.

A someday that I wish to go for a jog, or perharps sweat in the gym,
day that I  just feel like burning the fats in  my body.

A someday that I don't want to get up from my cozy bed while the alarm rangs incessantly,
I will just play deaf until my housemates sceam like hell.

A someday that I don't feel like talking much, too lazy to even give a smile, a glommy day for me.
Well, just don't mess with me on that day.

A someday that I wish I were back home with a table of scrumptious mom-cooked food awaiting.
I miss them dearly.

A someday that I wish I can hang out with my old friends.
They have always been there for me, ups and downs.

A someday that I wish you can hug me so tightly that as if I am a precious that you can't afford to lost.
 I wish to hug you as if we will melt together.

SOMEDAYS just won't happen sometimes even if you wish earnestly. I guess they will come by surprise.
So, don't get frustrated over life, wait for your SOMEDAY, it will come sooner or later.

Have faith.